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The Prime Minister was seen walking with his youngest daughter Florence on his shoulders as he took her to nursery

Mar 13, 2014

He delayed the start of Cabinet meetings so that ministers could help with the school run. But David Cameron might have wished he was staring into his red box instead of taking his youngest child Florence to nursery on Tuesday. 

They left No10 with her scooter but the Prime Minister ended up carrying the three-year-old. 

Florence, wearing a multi-coloured polka dot safety helmet, could not resist cheekily covering her father's eyes as he held on tight to her ankles. She then grabbed his face with both hands. 

Mr Cameron has spoken in the past about the challenge of juggling the school run with running the country. 

He said: "Maybe once a week, sometimes once a fortnight, tragically sometimes once a month I manage to take my children to school, but it's got to be possible to be a decent husband, a good father and a good prime minister at the same time." 

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