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Somalia has asked the United Nations' highest court to determine the maritime boundary it shares in the Indian Ocean with east African neighbor Kenya. 

A boat carrying at least 150 migrants has sunk off the Libyan coast. Most are missing, feared drowned. Fishermen are said to have rescued 16 people.

The manager of the independent Shabelle radio station in the Somali capital has told the BBC he is in hiding after the authorities took it off air. 

 Somali man who was tortured and subsequently hunted by the Al- Shabaab terrorist organization has been granted asylum in the United States, the second African in as many weeks to win a request by an immigration judge in El Paso, Texas.

Of all the ways the United States is helping Somalia’s fledgling national government, none may be more important than training the country’s first rapid reaction force, known as “Gaashaan,” or “the shield.”

Somali lawmaker and prominent singer-songwriter Saado Ali Warsame was shot dead Wednesday in the capital Mogadishu in the latest attack by Shebab insurgents against the government, police and witnesses said.

It can be said that the independent nation state of Somaliland cannot be described and defined without the mentioning of the nation of Somalia. Somaliland’s history, formation and development is in many ways rooted in the past regime of Somalia.

After two terrorists, belonging to Issa and the Isaak clan, blew themselves up at Chaumiere, a popular restaurants with the foreigners, in Djibouti on May 24th, 2014, the Djibouti government and the Hargeisa militia (the so called “Somaliland”) immediately pointed an accusing finger at theGadabursi community whom they oppress respectively in Djibouti and in the northern region of Somalia.

The Danish government has issued a formal request to to Somaliland authorities to hand over a citizen suspected of a murder on Danish soil.

Two British schoolgirls who ran away to Syria have been identified as star pupils who had 28 GCSEs between them.
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